Stuck in the Elevator/Press the Close Doors button

From Create Your Own Story

You can tell she's calling for you to hold the elevator, but you just pretend you can't hear it and swiftly press the "close doors" button.

The doors start to close while Corina still has quite a distance to cover. You look away, as if you don't see her.

The doors are just about to clamp shut when they are stopped by a hand. You turn and look. You're not really surprised to see her perfectly manicured, dark blue fingernails. The doors open up, and Corina stomps into the elevator.

She straightens out her short, red hair with a quick pat, and adjusts her skirt. Everything perfect again, as if she wasn't just running full speed.

She looks at you, sneering and mutters, "You're a fucking asshole."

You reach out for the elevator buttons.

Do you:

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