Stranded in the Wilderness/Continue on through the snow.

From Create Your Own Story

You've been going on for at least an hour by now. You were certain you were no more than a few miles from your friend's town, but there's still no sign of anything. The GPS couldn't have lied, could it have? And even if it did, you're at least still on...

In a daze from the numbing cold, you take a look about you, most importantly at where you stand.

You don't know where the road went. You swear you were following it, and you swear there's no way you could have just... just, walked off of it like that! You can feel your heart begin to pound, and you crumple to the ground, defeated. You're stuck out here now, you tell yourself. Probably miles into the frozen wilderness, far from anything or anyone. You glance up into the storm once more, and in the haze you swear you can see faint figures clouded by the storm. You can't believe you'd make yourself believe something as hopeless as that. You can't feel much of anything anymore. You collapse on top of your luggage, and as your vision fades into blackness, the last thing you hear is a ferocious roar.


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