Stand, stretch and sit back down. You don't have the energy for much else.

From Create Your Own Story

You reach your hands high above your head and stand on your tip-toes. A soft moan escapes your lips as you stretch the stiffness from your limbs, before sitting back down on your bed and staring at the ceiling of your room. You trace along the cracks in the stonework with your eyes, imagining a small man running through a maze. You don't notice your handmaidens entering the room with their handcart until one of them calls for you. "Lady Athyma." One says, bowing when you look at her. "Good morning. I hope you slept well." She motions with a dress she has bundled over her arm that she is here to get you dressed. You smile at her briefly, out of courtesy, and stand up. You know her as Prothymia, and she has been your handmaiden for several years now. She is the same age as you, maybe a little older, and has always been the one to get you ready at the start of each day. Seeing as she was of a similar age to you, it was thought that she would protect your modesty. You sometimes convince your mother to let her join you and your ladies-in-waiting when you go to spend time together. She is quiet around them, as while she considers you a friend, she is nervous in the company of the other noble girls.

"I did not." You say sombrely, stepping away from your bed. The other maids quickly begin to strip your bed and make it up with new covers, as well as give you a clean carafe of water and doing a quick sweep of your room. "I think I was troubled by some dreams, but by the Mother's grace I can't seem to remember them..." Prothymia shows what appears to be genuine sympathy, placing a hand on your shoulder before getting the rest of your outfit ready. As the rest of the girls finish their duties, the each come before you and courtesy. "That will be all." You tell them. They bow again and exit the room, leaving you alone with Prothymia.

"Lift." She says, moving your hands above your head. In one motion, she quickly grabs the hem of your nightdress and pulls it up and over your head. You are left standing in front of her, stark naked, as she goes off to the handcart and starts moving clothes over to your newly made bed. You have spent more time naked around Prothymia than any other person on this planet, with the exception of perhaps your mother. She knows you intimately as your personal handmaiden, but at the same time, you relationship has always been strictly platonic. "So, my Lady, what shall I be doing for you today?" She asks, crossing her hands in front of you and smiling softly.

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