Stalker-twine tongues with Jenny again while you slip your hands under her shirt and caress her spine

From Create Your Own Story

You hold Jenny's body lightly in your arms while you kiss her again. Your tongues twine together and you slip your hands under her shirt. You run them up and down her back, and you feel her shiver when you caress her spine. When you break for air, Jenny smiles.

"Wow," she purrs. "You really know what you're doing. Maybe we should move to a different room."

"Lead the way, Jen," you say.

Jenny takes your hand and leads you to her bedroom. "Okay, Robert," she says. "I want you to do more of that." She takes her shirt and bra off and lies face down on the bed. "Get to work," she giggles. "Your touch makes me feel good."

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