Stalker-tie Jenny to a chair for a "romantic" dinner

From Create Your Own Story

Setting Jenny in a chair, you get out some rope. You tie each ankle to the legs of the chair, your hands gently sliding up her nylon covered calves. You run a rope through the rungs on the chairback and loop the rope around her upper arm on each side before tying her waist down to the chair.

By the time Jenny starts to come to, you've lit a couple candles and started cooking a lobster dinner.

"What's going on?" the groggy girl asks. "Robert? Where are we? What? Why am I tied to the chair?"

"Don't worry," you say calmly. "We're just going to have a nice little dinner. I always thought I'd take you out for lobster if we could have a first date."

"What do you mean 'first date?' I told you I have a boyfriend."

"You'll forget about him soon enough. I've always known we're meant to be together." You put her plate in front of her. "Let's just eat. Let me show you how much I love you."

"You love me? Fuck you Robert. Let me go now!" she shouts.

Do you:

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