Stalker-pick up Jenny's things and take her to your apartment

From Create Your Own Story

"I'm gonna make sure we spend a lot more time together," you say as you uncuff Jenny's ankle and grab the box with her stuff. "Let's grab this stuff and head to my apartment."

You get to the door and look around before leading Jenny out, "You'll have to ride in the trunk," you say as you load her in the back with her bondage gear. You drive home and park in the spot closest to your apartment. You look around before slipping Jenny out of the trunk and into the building. You immediately lead her to the bedroom. To keep Jenny from getting too much information about the outside world, you remove the radio and cut the cable to the TV, leaving only a CD player and a DVD player in the room. You've also installed a padlock on the outside of the door, ensuring that Jenny can only go between the bedroom and bathroom.

Do you:

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