Stalker-knock on Jenny’s door with your impromptu housewarming gift

From Create Your Own Story

You walk up to the house with your candle and nervously knock on the door. A beautiful brunette in workout shorts and a t-shirt answers the door.

"Yes? Can I help you?" she says through the screen door. You instantly recognize that it is your old crush.

"Jenny? It's me, Robert. Kyle told me you were back in town." Jenny seems to think for a moment, then remembers you.

"Oh yeah, Robert from school. It's been so long."

"Well, I just wanted to give you a housewarming gift."

"Thank you so much," she says as she opens the door and gives you a hug. She looks at you with her big, brown eyes and pouts slightly. "I'd invite you in, but I'm trying to get in a workout before I go to work."

Do you:

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