Stalker-get a few people together to hang out with Jenny

From Create Your Own Story

You go home and call a few friends and ask them to come out to the bar for a few beers. For the most part, you don't bother mentioning Jenny when you ask to avoid people realizing your motivation. It doesn't take too long to get about a half dozen takers.

Jenny meets you and the others the others at the bar the next night. She's wearing a red top and and white sweater, a little skirt with black leggings, and slipper shoes. Once again, you think she looks stunning. It's a good night as everyone has a few beers, shoots some pool, catches up, and remembers old times. It does seem that she has to have more to say to the others than she does to you, but that's just like old times, too.

As the night goes on, you have a quiet moment sitting at the bar with Jenny. Both of you are a bit on the drunk side by now.

Do you:

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