Stalker-ask Jenny to reciprocate by stroking you to orgasm

From Create Your Own Story

"I wouldn't mind if you used your hands to make me climax," you whisper.

Jenny giggles. "I suppose that's fair." She reaches down and wraps her hand around your already-hard pole, stroking slowly. You lie on your back and spread your legs.

"You have magic hands," you murmur as your body shivers.

Jenny's smile melts you. "Yours are pretty fabulous, too." She continues to stroke you with one hand while using her other one to tease your balls with her fingernails. Her touch sends pulses of pleasure through you, and you moan softly. Jenny senses your balls filling with cum and continues, speeding up her rhythm.

"Ohhhh..." you gasp.

Jenny's eyes are locked onto your pulsing, throbbing erection. "Let me see you shoot," she husks.

Her tone of voice pushes you over the edge. You fire hot jets of cum into the air. Jenny has aimed you so that they land on your chest and belly.

When you're able to again control your body, you give her a smile. "That felt wonderful."

Jenny lies next to you. "I like you, Robert... a lot."

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