Stalker-ask Jenny to lie you down and ride your pole female-superior position

From Create Your Own Story

"Ride me, Jenny," you whisper.

Jenny smiles. "I'd love to, Robert." You feel her hands press your body downwards onto the bed. She kisses her way down your chest, making you shiver. She gives your stiff pole a teasing lick, drawing a soft moan, before lifting her body upwards and sliding her hot box down onto you.

"Mmmmmmm," you moan. "Jenny, you feel wonderful."

Jenny smiles. "Nice and easy, lover." You move your hips slowly, matching her gentle pace. She pauses every time she's all the way down and squeezes your cock with her internal muscles. It feels wonderful.

"Don't... stop..." you whisper. Jenny gradually speeds up the pace, sliding steadily up and down. You feel yourself getting very turned on. Jenny notices and smiles at you.

"Getting close, sweetie?" she purrs. Her body shudders and she climaxes violently. She climbs off your swollen, aching rod and takes it in her hand. "I want your cum. You want to fill my mouth or cover my chest?"

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