Stalker-ask Jenny to get on her hands and knees so you can make love to her from behind

From Create Your Own Story

"I'd like to take you from behind," you whisper.

Jenny smiles. "Mmmm. Sounds fun."

"Oh, it will be," you grin. Jenny gets into position, and you get behind her and rub the head of your cock against her slit.

"Don't tease, Robert," Jenny pants. You slide in and establish a steady, gentle rhythm. Jenny's moans and her box squeezing your pole let you know that she's having a good time. You carefully build her to first one, then a second orgasm. You lean forward, wrap your arms around her and cup her breasts, tweaking her nipples gently. Jenny lets out little squeaks of pleasure.

"I'm glad you like," you murmur. You work her to a third climax, and you're very close yourself.

"Cum on my ass," Jenny gasps. You pull out and blast her sexy rear with jets of your hot sperm. Jenny drops onto the bed, turn her head and smiles at you.

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