Stalker-Kiss Jenny's neck and whisper sweet words to her

From Create Your Own Story

You turn your head and softly kiss Jenny's neck. She shivers and presses her body more firmly against you.

"Mmmmm," she murmurs. "Robert, that's wonderful."

"You're the one that's wonderful," you whisper. "A dream come true. The woman I've been waiting for. Sweet, sexy, kind and loving."

Jenny blushes. "Me? I don't feel that way. I'm a nasty, hateful, ugly bitch. That's what my ex said."

"He's lying," you reply, your voice low. You nibble on her neck and she shudders. "You're terrific."

Jenny plants her lips on yours and kisses you deeply. When she breaks for air, she husks, "Robert, you're so sweet."

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