Spaz out and call him a freak (Warning CV)

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"WHAT IN THE NAME OF FUCK DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING?!?!", you say as you push him away.

"Whoa calm down"


Suddenly you are face first on your bed with half your face stinging and the sound of a slap still ringing in your ears. You're too stunned to move as you hear the sound of a zipper behind you, but you start bucking when you feel a hard fleshy pole on the small of your back. Your dad is silent as he forces his cock into your ass little by little. You scream and beg until he quickly pulls out, flips you on your back, and drives himself back into your body. Right before you can scream, he wraps his hands around your neck and squeezes.

"Time to see if all those swimming lessons paid off. Hold your breath!", he mutters as he thrusts roughly into your body and tightens his grip.

You emit strangled whimpers as he thrusts harder and faster. You can't even feel his crotch hit your hips yet since his cock is too massive. You hold out on the hope he will be satisfied with the fraction of his manhood he can fit at the moment, but soon he stops thrusting and just starts forcing his dick in without stopping or pulling back; all the while depriving you of oxygen. You grunt and squirm as your body betrays you and spasms in pleasure on his dick. You know your dick is hard and, judging by his cocky smile, he does to. You start to tear up as he finally goes balls deep into your ass. He groans in his conquest of your virgin pucker and realeses your throat. You gasp and cough as he asks:

"Are you gonna be a good boy for daddy or will I have to punish you again?"

You nod that you'll be good. He rapidly pulls out until only the head is resting inside you, before slamming into you at full speed. You gasp and grab your father in a bear hug as he fucks you as hard as he can. You wimper and moan in ecstasy as he slams into your ass over and over again. You feel your orgasm approaching and tense your entire body as you cum onto both your chests. At the feeling of your climax he realeses his sperm into your ass in an absurdly large amount of jizz that puts your load to shame. As you both lay on your bed, trying to catch your breaths, you realize you are completely limp while he is still hard as steel. Slowly he pulls out and smiles to himself as he watches your ass let loose his seed.

"Get on your knees", he commands.

"You can't be serious."

"Am I going to have to teach you to be a good boy again?"

You shake your head vigorously at the memory of how close you got to passing out, and you slide down onto your knees. As his rock-hard cock comes tk view directly in front of you, you open your mouth as wide as you can. His dick seems to have gotten thicker however, and you get ready to voice your concerns when he suddenly grabs the back of your head and forces you into his cock. You just freeze in suprise as he engulfs you up to your neck. You struggles finally resume after he pushes your shoulders into his musky orifice. You can hear him moaning and grunting as he forces you in deeper. You flail and beg as he forces your waist into his cock, but your pleas fall on deaf ears. Your heart thuds in your ears as your dad picks up his cock to let gravity assist him. All you can do is struggle for breathe in his warm, wet, and musky cavern. Your cock slips into his and you laugh hoarsely at your situation. Your legs kick out weakly as you get hard at the feeling of your cock rubbing against your prison. Your struggles cease as you hump against the walls of your dad's cock. You feel yourself falling as you r father sits down. By now your head has entered one of his balls and you suddenly fall all the way into his balls. You start jacking off as you curl up into his testicle. You cum a second time as your body begins to tingle. You've read about the drugs that rearranged the reproductive tract and made this possible, but you never thought your dad was a voraphile. As his cum starts to rise you start to feel less and less solid. It is a pleasent feeling and you feel another orgasm approaching. For the drugs to work, the victim needs to be empty of jizz and will be forced to cum. This was actually what you were fantasizing about, but you also read that the victim is dissolved immediately after cumming. You struggle and squirm as the feelings bring you close to the edge, but you grit your teeth and resist the pleasure in a desperate attempt at life. You gasp and swallow some cum that has reached your mouth by accident as your hips thrust in the cum pool and you let out more jizz than you ever have before. You never knew such mind numbing pleasure and your dad groans as if you two can feel the same feelings. Finally after a seemingly endless amount of jizz, that forces you to hold your breath as the cum level rises above you, you finish. For a brief, wonderful moment you simply enjoy the afterglow, but then remeber your peril and prepare to scream when you are dissolved almost instantaneously.

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