So heaven and hell are real places. Wow.... you think for a while and then ask“Wait, what? You’re telling me that religion is fact? Then which religion is right?”

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“Religions here today were somewhat right and somewhat wrong. If there was one right religion, there would only be ONE religion existing to this day. God kind of gave up on correcting religion and just became satisfied that he was worshiped. Anyways, that’s off topic!”

You were relieved. “But why choose me? I’m not anything special!” You alwayed wished to be abnormal like Sailor Moon when you were 6 but you doubt you were anything but human you became 11.

"I have choosen you three to be soldiers because y’all, with no exception, have such colorful personalities. And as angel of the rainbow, I LOVE COLORS! But you also have one quality that certainly makes all of you worthy of being warrior of humanity: Bravery. Eduardo, though foolish, you were brave enough to attempt to kill THE Archeangel. A mission not even demon would try to do. Claudia, thought klutzy, you were brave enough to stop a incubus much bigger than you. Myona, though scrany, you were brave enough to protect Claudia from harm and saved her from drowning. I also particularly choosed you three because y'all remind me of the primary colors. You are distinctly different but have equal amounts of differences and similarities! Like a equilateral Triangle!

She bends down and pinches Claudia’s cheeks. “Yellow is a happy and uplifting color. Yellow may give us some headaches, but it's a small price to pay! The lightest and brightest color of the rainbow relieves depression, improves memory and stimulates appetite. Though it may give us too much caution, her optimism is the energy we need to hope for a better tomorrow.” She gazes at you and smiles. “Though you may not realize it, blue is everyone's favorite color! Admired for having both feminine and masculine traits. Sooth people's conscious and subconscious conflicts even though it’s too wrapped up in it’s own to realize it. Blue has a conservative nature that is aloof and depression and gives others relief and faith.” She lowers head and glares at the demonic teen. “Ah, red. The loveliest color of all. The most passionate of them all. A color that stimulates all in both positive and negative ways. The bipolar color that no one can forget. A Color we all know is obsessed with love and hate. Considered a danger and forbidden to all to follow its unstable ways of hedonism. But despite your taboo, no one can doubt or disrespect the courage it shows.”

Who's route do you want to follow?

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