Shoot at the two camouflaged men with your asault rifle

From Create Your Own Story

You pull out your Ak-47 and put it to your shoulder. It is the heaviest thing you have ever lifted and you struggle to align it with the two murderers that casually stroll to the hut. You rest your finger on the trigger and when they get closer, you fire. One of the men is hit so hard that his body snaps to the ground and the other man is spun around by the bullet. Nice shot! But another camouflaged man sees this happen and immedeatly shouts something in a strange language. In 6 seconds, two men with strange masks covering their faces and large tube-like packs strapped to them stand outside the hut, pointing guns at it. You try to shoot them but miss and then a burst of flame comes from each of the men and you're caught in a hut fire. The smoldering roof caves in.

You are dead.

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