ShinCalibur:Sneak into her room at 11:52 P.M. (Switches to Leo's POV temporarily)

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At 11:52, Leo decided to sneak into her room and teach her a lesson.

The room was very dark, and nowhere was it lit. This was perfect for the given situation! Well, ... at least on his part.

He slowly and quietly made his way do her bed.

He very cautious and slowly pulled down his zipper, as it inched downward, his flaccid 7.2 inch cock fling out of the opening, produced by his zipper with a light 'plop!'.

Leo then pinched the head of his cock, letting it stay lifted as he loomed over Aeris. He the let go when his cock was close and parallel to her face.


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It landed flat on her face.

"Nnghh..." she moaned, slowly awaking.

"GAHH!!!" Aeris' eyes opened wide and her mouth gaped simultaneously.

"Rrrr....."she rowled, on the verge of tearing him down soon, which Leo knew would be completely inevitable at this point now.

"Nah-ah, I don't think so, not this time.....Aeris." Leo said, which 'Aeris' he spoke on a firm serious but also a both mocking and nagging-ish tone) as he stuck his left index and middle fingers into Aeris' mouth from her right cheek and pulled on it.

"Nngehhh....," she struggled hard to get ownself free from it all.

Leo the stepped largely onto her bed with his right foot, planting his right foot atop her left arm, which felt like a stomp to her arm.

"Aaaghhh!!!!" she screamed in pain as she winced from the motion.

"Shut the hell up, will ya. Or...." Leo began.

Aeris partly opened her left eye in response, curious as to what he was talking about.

"...otherwise, this won't be over."

With those words his right hand grabbed the back her head, by the hair in particular and jammed viciously his cock down her throat. "How 'bout a throatal, eh?"

"Mmgh....!!!" she screamed in terror as he dry humped her face barbariously.

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