Sex Stack

From Create Your Own Story

Sex Stack is a simple and quick game. Think of it as Jenga for adults: Players remove pieces from the block tower, trying to avoid a collapse. Each block has a number that correlates to a “sexual tast” card. Complete your task, remove the next block and repeat. Who are you playing as?

  • Luke (muscular sporty man who is looking for some fun) (playing against Alyssa)
  • Alyssa (young curvy blonde women ) (playing against Luke)
  • Matt (gay college boy playing a game with a mate) (playing against Adam)
  • Adam (shy college boy who is forced to play the game by Matt) (playing against Matt)
  • Tessa (smart university student with a wilder side) (playing against Ella)
  • Ella (talkative swimmer who wants some fun) (playing against Tessa)
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