Samantha's Naughty Day/Thank Mr. Roberts for the ride

From Create Your Own Story

Mr. Roberts pulls up in front of the school and you climb out and lean in the window, "Thanks for the ride Mr. Roberts," you say sweetly, "Did you like seeing my panties?" He looks around nervously and nods. You smile, "You were so nice to give me a ride, would you like to have my panties for payment? I saw you looking and now they are all wet." you say as you pull your skirt up around your waist.

"What do you think you are doing? Your Parents would be furious!" He scolds, his eyes never leaving your exposed wet panties. "A good spanking should teach you not to expose yourself." Mr. Roberts growls as he gets out of the car. "Y-you are going to spank me?" you ask shocked. Mr. Roberts grabs you and bends you over the hood of his car, "You need to learn to behave yourself." He scolds as he grabs the waist band of your panties and yanks them down to your ankles. "Please Mr. Roberts, don't spank my bare ass." you beg as his hand slaps your left ass cheek with a loud SMACK. "Oww.. please Mr. Roberts, I'm sorryy." you plead as he slaps your right cheek.

Mr. Roberts gives each cheek four more hard swats, "Now do you still want to give your panties to me?" he asks harshly. "N-no Mr. Roberts, unless I have to." you reply wiping the tears from your eyes.

Mr. Roberts scratches his chin as he stares at your red ass and still wet pussy, "Yes, yes you do, and your bra." "Yes Mr. Roberts," you say as you stand up and begin to unbutton your blouse. You finally get your bra off and step out of your panties, pick them up and hand both to Mr. Roberts.

As you stand there with your blouse open and skirt pulled up Mr. Roberts says, "Now I hope you have learned your lesson." "Yes Mr. Roberts." you reply as he walks past giving your ass a quick swat and drives off.

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