Samantha's Naughty Day/Normal Friday, until lunch that is

From Create Your Own Story

This big building is in poor condition, hundreds of students use it everyday at lunch. The State provides free food for each and every one of them, if only the food wasn't so bad you might come here more often.

Due to this bad reputation, students usually avoid it... on a good day the food is bearable... on a bad day its horrible! You know the stories of food poisoning, although it was never proved. The Principal turns a blind eye to what happens here.

Punks, Dreads, Gangsters, Gypsies, all those that are not from your usual circle of friends are here and you feel a bit out of place... you just hope to get your meal and leave before something bad happens.

You get in line along with other students, as you patiently await your turn, yet you cant help but feeling that everyone is looking at you as if you didn't belong here.

After 20 minutes of waiting, you get a tray with a soup, a main dish of meat and potatoes and a jello for desert. None of it looks especially good to eat, and you can only hope it tastes ok...

However as you walking to your seat, a girl bumps into you, and luckily you manage to hold on to your tray, as the soup dances wildly from side to side inside the bowl.

The other girl, isn't so fortunate and her tray splatters on the floor, the food ruined and scattered, her soap making a small puddle where it felt. She lets out a scream and a curse as it happens "Bitch!" she says as she looks angry at you.

You look at her, she looks Latina and it slightly shorter than you... as you are looking at the mess on the floor as she says "Look at what you done! My food!" she says waving at you as if it was your fault.

As you are too stunned to speak, she presses on "Since this is your fault, i want your tray. Now!"

You know it was not your fault, at most both of you were responsible, and it seems unfair to give your tray to her.. then again you dont know how she will react if you don't do as she says. Also the commotion has attracted a few students who are now looking at both of you...

Not wanting to cause a scene you accept her demand "Okay, here is the tray" as you extend your arms offering the tray to her.

However this does not seem to be enough, taking advantage that both of your arms are holding the tray, she reaches her hand backwards and then forward delivering a sharp slap on your face.

Your cheek turns red from the slap, and you feel yourself wounded both physically and in your pride, after all who was she to slap you like that?

"No, bitch, you are going to put the tray at my table, right now." She demands of you, pointing at a table not far away, where there are other students seated already.

The slap on your face seems to have attracted even more students to the situation...

You try to reason with her "Look, i am sure we can work this out..."

However she wants none of that, still holding on to the tray you are an easy target and another slap hits you with full force. You hear a few giggles from the gathering crowd, its obvious for them that you wont be able to talk your way out of this situation.

Doing as you were told, you move in the direction of the table, with the tray still in your hands, with the latino girl right behind you.

As you reach the table she points to a an empty seat, where you lay the tray. All of her friends are looking at you, seeing as you already did as she told you, you decide to leave but she is not having none of that, as she grabs your hair forcefully "I am not done with you yet, look at my shoes" she forces your head slightly down, and you see a bit of soup on them, probably from the accident before "Your are going to clean them... with your tongue" which brings another round of laughter from the audience.

Still with her grip on your hair, you slowly lower yourself down to the floor kneeling at her feet. You feel a deep sense of humiliation as you slowly lick her shoes... everyone around you seems to be laughing at you. It feels so unfair to be made to do this yet you continue.

What took just a few seconds seemed like an eternity for you. "Good job bitch" says your tormentor when one of her friends behind you shouts, "Check it out! She isn't wearing panties!" Before you can get up, she grabs you by your hair, to the delight of the gathering crowd. They cheer and laugh as she mercilessly slaps you in the face once, twice, three times. She looks around and smiles, she is playing it for the crowd and loving it, pulling harder at your hair she forces you on your feet and says in your ear: "I am going to strip you naked right here in front of all of them... and then we will see what will you do for your clothes"

She laughs as you look at her scared... does she really mean it?

You look at the crowd, but there is no knight in shining armor, everyone is urging her to go on.

You start begging for mercy, tears falling down your face, as she starts to unbutton your blouse, one by one the top four buttons of your blouse are undone, then she stops. "No bra either?" she teases you, the crowd keeps waiting eagerly for your humiliation You beg, and cry, and plead, anything seems better that this.

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