Samantha's Naughty Day/Accept a ride from Mr. Roberts without underwear

From Create Your Own Story

"Sure, thanks Mr. Roberts." you say. As you open the car door you decide to tease Mr. Roberts, as you sit you scoot your ass on the back of the seat making your skirt rise up exposing your moist shaven pussy. Not quite satisfied with how little is showing you turn in the seat and lift you ass up and put your backpack in the back seat.

After you settle back into your seat you are almost totally exposed. As the two of you chit chat you can see him keep looking down at your moist shaven pussy at every stop sign and red light, causing you to start getting more aroused.

When you are about half way to school you notice the tent in Mr. Roberts slacks and can't help but to open your legs a little bit more knowing you are getting to him. Shortly after improving his view he says "I need to make a quick stop for gas." He quickly pulls into a gas station and hops out and walks in to pay.

You lean over and look at the gas gauge and see the tank is 3/4 full. Seeing this you decide to turn things up a notch and unbutton a few buttons on your blouse.

As he finishes 'getting gas', you quickly situate yourself so he has lots to see.

Mr. Roberts continues to look at you every chance he gets until you finally reach school...

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