SRA/Offer Krystal a deal: one fuck for one get-out-of-jail-free card.

From Create Your Own Story

"Those were your drugs?" You question.

"N- no-" she denies, but it is clear from the way her eyes dart about that she is lying.

"None of it? Not the cocaine, the heroin, the pot..." You ask. She looks confused for the first two, but at the mention of pot she shrinks back in on herself. You turn to her sister. "I'm afraid I'll have to take her in for questioning. If it's really not hers, this shouldn't take more than ten minutes."

Both girls look nervous. "I'm not sure..." The non-slutty one begins.

"Look, am I really going to have to bring out the handcuffs? Just let me talk to her- five minutes, tops." You bargain. Of course, your handcuffs are all in the car, but you don't tell them that.

"Look, Karen, it'll be fine." Krystal tells her sister. "I'll be in class in, like, ten minutes. If I'm lucky I'll miss part of first period. This guy's a cop; he's not exactly untrustworthy."

"Ten minutes." Karen says at last. Then she walks away as the bell rings for first period. You turn to Krystal.

"Look, I know they were your drugs. We found your fingerprints all over them." You lie. "But I'm not exactly a perfect cop- sometimes criminals can get away. Sometimes there are mistakes in the records, or a screw up at the lab."

She sees what you are hinting at. "What do I have to do?"

"Well..." You say, with a small smile. "I couldn't help but notice how well that outfit complements your figure. Perhaps you would look even better with less on..."

She looks your over for a moment, nervous, before nodding. "If this is what it takes to get me out of jail... Where do you want to go?"

SRA/Just around the side of the building, it's hidden but will make her feel safer.

SRA/Your car. It may spook her a bit, but it'll make kidnapping her easier in the end.

SRA/Right here is fine, thank you very much.

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