SRA/Let Kara take a shower, but with light acid instead of water

From Create Your Own Story

You pick Kara up and take her to the showers. You lay her down in the one farthest from the door, the specially made one. This shower has a one way glass door, so you can see her, but she can't see you. The shower head covers the ceiling of the shower, so that the "water" covers the entire shower. The handles to control the shower head are outside the shower, and there is a padlock on the shower door. You close the shower door and lock it, so Kara can't get out. Kara stands up. You turn the first handle, labeled "acidity level", to 2/10. Then you turn the water on. You watch Kara as she screams in surprise and pain as the acidic water washes the cum off her body. She tries to open the door, but finds that it is locked. She slides down onto the shower floor, crying. You wait about twenty minutes before you turn the shower off, and unlock the door. Kara's skin is bright red from the acid, but otherwise seems fine.

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