SRA/Just around the side of the building, it's hidden but will make her feel safer.

From Create Your Own Story

"Ok." She agrees. "Just make it quick, ok? My sister will get worried."

"Alright." You agree, although you have no intentions of making it quick. "Come on, before someone sees us."

You lead her around the corned of the building, stopping in the shadows between some trees. "How do you want to do this?" The blonde questions nervously. "I mean... If anyone sees us, we're both dead."

"Nobody will see us." You soothe her. Then you place your hands on her sides, feeling her figure through her clothes. One hand slides up to fondle her breasts, while the other reached down to the waistband of her shorts. Krystal helps you remove them, standing stark naked just outside of her own school. She crosses her arms over her breasts and waits for you to make a move.


SRA/Krystal/Take her in the ass

SRA/Krystal/Take her in the pussy

SRA/Krystal/Take her in the mouth

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