SAO-Talk to Lisbeth1

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You approach the brown-haired girl who looks stunned and the recent revelation about the game.

"Hey!" you cry out to her, in the hopes of cheering her up. You glance up at the name above her head, Lisbeth.

She looks around, trying to pick out who said something. In a brisk moment, your eyes met hers and she seemed startled!

She threw herself up, grabbing the hammer in an attacking stance, "Get back away from me, you creep!" It seemed that Lisbeth was holding back the tears of her own, "Or else I'll...I'll..."

You think quick on your heels but eventually come up with something, "You know you can't kill players in a safe zone! Heck, even killing players will make you go red!" he pointed to the little green icon that floated above her head.

Lisbeth seemed confused, gazing up to notice it, "Huh?" Then she gave a small, shy smile on her face, "Haha! I guess you're alright!"

"Hey do you want to add each other as friends?" you ask, hoping that you could create some sort of guild or party.

Lisbeth weighed up her decision, adjusting the bangs away from her eyes, "Alright, you've got yourself a deal!" she chirped.

Lisbeth has been added to your friends list

You decide to leave the town and progress to the next level.

Health 100 Equipment:

Basic Sword, Basic Armour

MP 100 Gold
Level 1
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