Ring up the truck driver buying a porn mag

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It was pretty common to see a few trucker drives come through the store, fill up their half gallon mugs with coffee, grab a few snacks, and a few dirty mags.

You were never able to see what the magazines looked like cause all the porn mags were in a white casing, you could only see the name and the month of issue.

You scan the drives stuff, at this point unfazed by the magazines. When you look up to tell him his total you get a good look at him. He's about 6 foot, and while you can tell he's a white guy but had a tanned, windblown face. He was younger and more conventionally attractive than most of the truckers, with blue eyes, a stocky build, and a good jaw. He had a bit of a belly but he wasn't actually fat yet.

He didn't seem embarrassed to be buying smut from you but he did crack, "I tell ya man, nothing beats the real thing." He then half cocked his head towards where the girls were buying magazines.

You feel your heart race a bit too.

Say that you can offer him the real thing

Suggest that you you both try to hit on the girls

Finish ringing him up without talking to him

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Health 100 Equipment:

Baseball cap, Flannel shirt, Jeans, Hikeing boots hunting knife, phone

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Gender Male
Social Group Redneck
Boyfriend/Girlfriend Amanda
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