Reach in and pull him out (Warning more CV)

From Create Your Own Story

As you stare at his massive cock, you have the idea you have enough strength to pull the guy out even though over half of him has already been engulfed. You smile at the predator before pushing your arms all the way into his dick and grabbing the other man's waist. The one sitting down lets out a loud yelp and you feel muscles that should not be in his cock contract automatically. You soon realize your mistake as you are simultaneously overwhelmed with musk. Your arms are stuck, but you can't even focus on them as your arousal over takes you. You moan and grind your clothed erection against the swelling nuts of the predator in front of you. The guy smiles down at you and reaches over to take off your clothes. You are about to thank him when he shoves your head down his cock. You grind your leaking prick against his leg as the man being swallowed with you's moans grow louder as you are both pushed into the same area. The musk is overwhelming and your face is either pressed on the man being swallowed with you or the flesh of the cock consuming you, depending on which way you turn. Your instincts take over as your legs kick outside of your warm, wet prison without thought, but you yourself does not care as you desperately try to release the pressure in your balls. You feel a hand push your dick against your belly and you start to thrust as it is engulfed along with you. You realize somewhere in the back of your mind that this is when the process gets even faster, but your mind is overcome with lust as you desperately hump against the flesh. The man before you is already in the process of cumming as you enter the end of your trip. You curl up with him as he tries to prevent himself from cumming. You fall into a pool of cum and squirm as the aphrodisiac effects already starts to overwhelm you. Your cock gets harder than it ever has before and you feel like your balls are filled to the brim. The man cuddling up against you starts to pant and thrust against your belly. You get a front row seat to the dissolving process as he releases in a cry you know everyone can hear. Cum splatters against your body and you moan as he just keeps cumming. You know what happen after he is finished emptying his balls, but you are surprised when he finishes and is immediately turned into jizz. The new volume of jizz splatters against you and writhe and squirm to get away from its aphrodisiac effect, but soon enough it starts to have a profound effect and you squirm even more to get out as your balls feel like you're going to explode. You moan and writhe in ecstasy as your mind stops working and you let yourself sink into a pool of cum as your entire body comes under assault with pleasurable spasm as you hold your breathe. You hold out as loud as you can, but the pressure of your nuts overwhelms you and you cum. Semen fills up the sack completely as you inhale the predator's jizz while releasing all your cum. You can hear moans as your pleasure is mixed with the predator's, but you don't care as your orgasm continues. You can't breathe, you can't think, and you can't stop your orgasm. You can practically feel yourself emptying and soon your hips stop thrusting as you taper off. You can feel your lungs fill with semen and slowly relax in a blissful euphoric high before you dissolve.

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