Rape Jenny in her car

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You pull into an alley and grab Jenny. She shrieks as you pull her between the two front seats, trapping her body as you pull her skirt up. "Let me go!" she screams. "Shut it, bitch," you order as you grab her throat, choking her as you thrust your hand into her panties. Jenny's eye's bulge as she laws at your arm while you let your fingers roughly stroke her shaved pussy. Letting go of her throat, you yank the leggings and panties down as Jenny gasps for air.

You push Jenny into the back seat and climb on top of her, fighting your way past her kicking legs. You unzip your pants as you pin the crying girl in the corner, her hands pushing on your chest.

"Don't do this. If you love me, you won't rape me."

"If you loved me, I wouldn't have to." You take your dick in your hand and press it against her crotch, but Jenny's squirming stops you from penetrating.

Smack "Stay still or I'll put in your ass instead," you order as you slap her face. The brunette stops fighting, her body trembling as the tip of your dick splits her labia. With a strong thrust, you drive three inches into her dry, tight cunt, making Jenny scream as you tear at her tender flesh. You pause to enjoy the tight grip of Jenny's cunt, her squirming furthering your excitement. Covering her mouth with your hand, you thrust deeper, muffled screams and grunts hitting your palm with each bruising thrust. Reaching under her shirt, you roughly maul her large breast, twisting her nipple as you pull your cock back and slam the full length in with one stroke.

Jenny's struggles diminish with each thrust, her ravaged cunt slowly loosening as the slightest wetness mixes with blood from the battered womb. You uncover Jenny's mouth to grab her ass, letting her whimper, "It hurts...bad...ughh... Robert...Make.. it stop." You twitching cock is willing to comply, so you pump as hard as you can into the brunette's helpless body until your balls empty into her womb. You pull your dick out and wipe the mix of cum and blood across Jenny's cheek. Your victimized dream girl sobs at what has turned into her nightmare.

Do you:

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