Rachel, a freshman orphan attending during the 70's

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It was a shame Rachel didn't have any memories of her early childhood, since as she understood it they were the happiest days of her life. For one thing, her parents were alive and she had siblings to take care of her. Also, she suffered no bullying whatsoever and was even fed every single day no matter what. God, Rachel though, didn't quite think she quite deserved a loving family or happiness and thus He saw to that by sending a train wreckage her way.

She survived, however, if only barely. A year later she was able to walk again althoght unable to run anymore. As a reminder of what she went through she had two ugly scars on her knees and another one on her head mercifully covered completely by her wavy red hair at shoulder length. The impact she suffered on the head also did a number on her optic nerve; which lead that despite not being anything necessarily wrong with her pretty gray eyes she needed surprisingly tick glasses, as Rachel was effectively blind without them.

Rachel had been in three different orphanages during her childhood and early adolescence. They were three different evironments and the only thing she could tell didn't change is the fact that she had been bullied mercilessly. A short redhead unable to run who hasn't been able to excersice in her life and can also be easily blinded is an easy target for other kids to abuse. It didn't help she had a knack for getting into trouble without anyone's help in the first place. All that paired with the undeniable fact that she had a very graced face with high pomules and straight nose made the pranks other kids have a few things in common. For instance, she had lost count of the times people had stolen her glasses while she changed so she couldn't finish or the amount of times she had been convinced by others she was still in the changing room or showers before putting on her glasses and realizing she was nude in an inappropiate place. Another favorite one was making her trip with her clothes by putting the skirt of her dress over her head and pulling down her panties, a sure way to make her fall and give everyone a show, since it took her a whole minute to be standing with her clothes in their place.

The only thing Rachel though God had graced her with, since she thought her face was hideous due to her huge glasses, was her cute little bubble butt. While her perky, round, shapely, young breasts had nothing wrong with them there were also nothing special compared to best endowed girls around; which were rarely lacking. Hers were simply average-sized at best.

Our little red-head had long resigned herself to live her life the way it had always been and was thoroughly surprised to find out she had been adopted by an apparently ridiculously rich gentlemen who she had never seen in person but had sent a small army of buttlers and a limousine to pick her up and adopt her in a single evening.

She didn't even pay any attention by the fact someone had hidden all her underwear, then tied a thread of her dress to her bed making it come undone and her flash the orphanage one last time as she entered the limousine.

Of course, her hopes were then crushed by reality as they always had been and she finally was in a circumstance she could easily accept once more.

She was explained that she was a part of a charity program that allowed an orphan like herself to join the first year at a prestigious but almost unknown facilty known as the Solitude Academy and was legally obligated to attend until she emancipated - virtually impossible as Mr. Mysterious had somehow managed to make her not be recognized as an adult until her early sixties - or graduated.

She was given an uniform - an ugly and plain black dress -, a pair of brown shoes, a pair of white underwear and allowed to take her belongings with her to what would be her new home for at least the next three years.

Her "home" was a rather old looking wood-building best described as a one floored shack with six rooms; one of which was to be hers so long as she could share it with four other girls. The rooms had no furniture of any kind and she was actually to be considered lucky since she had a baggage in which to place her whole four new sets of underwear and two dresses, much more than any of her roomates had.

The strict-looking lady who escorted her there had explained her classes would start tomorrow and she was expected to be punctual. Using any clothes other than the uniform was strictly forbidden. Teachers were to be respected and obeyed under all circumstances. If she had no money to buy her meals or school-supplies; these would be provided for her assuming she was willing to do the cleaning of the school along with others who wanted the same benefit.

She quickly learned by talking to others that there were two types of students in the school; a huge amount of orphans all seemingly adopted by the same man who consisted in half of the school and the "rich girls" who lived in nice little sororities and while still very much made to follow the same rules as the orphans, had a much easier time for the simple reason that their parents paid the Academy's insane fares for food, clothing, rooms other than the shacks - which were essentially free - and such.

Night quickly arrived while the orphans exchanged stories and met each other. Rachel was surprised no one had bullied her even once, as she expected to be spending her first night naked and tied to a tree to be found out by the whole school next morning so everyone knows who's the new punching bag or something along those lines.

With nothing but candles they had to use sparringly, the darkness was too penetrating to allow doing anything else than sleep. To ward off the cold withot any sheets or beds each new girl quickly learned to use their unworn clothes to improvise bed mats. It wasn't very comfortable but quite enough for Rachel to fall asleep on.

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