Punish their oversleeping. Make them run to wake them up.

From Create Your Own Story

Beatrice was feeling merciful, for being Beatrice.

"Aren't you ashamed that all the people in your dormitory are already up and working? How inconsiderate and how lazy can you be?" asked Beatrice rhetorically.

Both girls kept looking down while standing up straight, not daring to raise their heads. Beatrice took a good look at the standing nude orphans.

Michelle is very small. Within a week in the Academy she couldn't have recovered from what seemed a life of malnourishment. She probably would be much shorter that she was meant to be; and that paired with the fact that her poor body couldn't afford to spend any fat on her breasts and feminine curves she hardly had any, making her look much younger than she actually was. She would look pretty once fed up properly, if not already. Her face was sharp and her eyes a little sunken, with a tiny bud for a nose. No breasts at all might make her look a little bit like a child, but that illusion was quickly dispelled by the fact that her vagina was an outie, as well as the prodigious amount of pubic hair she boasted; she probably hadn't trimmed once in her life. Beatrice could choose to comment about it, or could let her become self-conscious herself as people comment on it.

On the other hand, the older one was basically the opposite of her roommate. Tall, big breasted, wide hips, innie vagina and this obviously wasn't her first rodeo since she bothered to have well-trimmed pubes; only a sliver of hair above the vulva. She had a smart face, and for an orphan she had bright eyes and clear skin - they're usually a bit on the tanned side, like Michelle.

"For now, just wake up," said Beatrice. "Ten laps around the track should do it. You better keep a good pace."

The track was a four hundred meters long, and behind the main building of the Academy, it surrounded a Football Soccer field. Anyone in the classrooms on the West side of the building had a view to it. It was very well maintained, despite rarely used outside of P.E. class or punishments; since such an isolated school had little to do with sports at all.

Sport equipment wasn't kept by students; at least not by the ones in the shacks. The punished girls very well knew that Beatrice most likely wasn't ordering them to dress up, go inside the Academy side building, hope it's unlocked this early, get dressed in their P.E. uniforms and then do the laps.

"Well, what are you standing around for? Get going!" repeated Beatrice.

With no other choice, the girls started jogging even though they both looked they could collapse at any moment and as naked as the day they were born - not even wearing any shoes - they headed to the running track while Beatrice smirked looking at their buttocks jiggling under the morning sun.

Beatrice was pleased with herself and the day was just getting started.

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