Punish their lack of shame. Tell them they're not allowed to dress until they've repented.

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"Shameless harlots! Sleeping in the nude, of all things! Perhaps you ought to feel actual shame to understand why actual people dress instead of going bare like animals!" Beatrice goes on.

The girls dare not talk back. That would be a capital mistake. Michelle hasn't been in the Academy a week and she knows it.

"Tell me your name, year and class", Beatrice demands.

"Frida, year 3, class 2", musters the tall girl enough courage to say after a few uncomfortable seconds of silence.

"M-Michelle", finally answers the petite brunette who is now about to cry. "I'm from class 4, year 1."

"I told you: Name. Year. And Class!" Yells Beatrice in a high-pitched, but nevertheless intimidating, voice. "You have no brain as well as no shame, I see! That means for you to answer me in that order, not any that you see fit, Michelle!"

"I'm sorry, miss", apologizes the girl, now openly crying.

Beatrice is, of course, to be called a miss. She had no husband to speak of and anyone who cared to listen would know that she also had her purity intact and it wasn't hard to believe her.

"Leniency is now out of question due to your stupid mistakes, brat. Do you feel better now?" asks a grinning Beatrice.

"N-no...", barely manages to answer Michelle.

"Gather your clothes. All of them. The rags in the floor, too. I'm taking them away and I'll give them back once I think you've repented."

The girls stay silent but they're visibly shocked. Michelle much more than Frida, since Frida has seen similar punishments during her stay in the Academy although not this early in the morning.

Still, they don't take two seconds to obey, and while they might be very unwilling to give up their clothes, right now the important thing is that they're afraid of the old lady in front of them. The scather through their room and readily pick up the meager clothes they have just lying around in the corners, and the rags in the floor; leaving the room without anything other than themselves.

Beatrice receives everything herself. She doesn't even wince at the dirty rags. She wouldn't have an issue with touching urine in the floor just so she could rub it in the offender's face. All in all it is a considerable amount of clothing, and it probably isn't all theirs, not that they would defy Beatrice in her order to give them everything they had. Some girls losing their possessions as collateral damage wasn't any concern of hers.

The order given to them already done, the girls stand straight in front of Beatrice. They don't dare cover up. Beatrice takes the chance to take a good look at them.

Michelle is very small. Within a week in the Academy she couldn't have recovered from what seemed a life of undernourishment. She probably would be much shorter that she was meant to be; and that paired with the fact that her poor body couldn't afford to spend any fat on her breasts and feminine curves she hardly had any, making her look much younger than she actually was. She would look pretty once fed up properly, if not already. Her face was sharp and her eyes a little sunken, with a tiny bud for a nose. No breasts at all might make her look a little bit like a child, but that illusion was quickly dispelled by the fact that her vagina was an outie, as well as the prodigious amount of pubic hair she boasted; she probably hadn't trimmed once in her life. Beatrice could choose to comment about it, or could let her become self-conscious herself as people comment on it.

On the other hand, Frida was basically the opposite of her roomate. Tall, big breasted, wide hips, innie vagina and this obviously wasn't her first rodeo since she bothered to have well-trimmed pubes; only a sliver of hair above the vulva. She had a smart face, and for an orphan she had bright eyes and clear skin - they're usually a bit on the tanned side, like Michelle.

The both of them and all the girls are staring expectantly without daring to make a sound. It's all up to Beatrice, as it's always been.

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