On the way to meet up with Mrs. Robinson you run into Jenny.

From Create Your Own Story

Along the way to Ms. Robinson's office you pass a water fountain. You're thirsty so you stop and bend over to drink from it. As you do so you feel a hand squeeze your ass under your skirt. You stand up straight and whip around you see Jenny smiling at you. She doesn't remove her hand from your ass, instead using it to pull you body close against hers.

"Hey Birthday Girl," she whispers into your ear. "I have a present for you in my panties do you want to see it?"

The present is her nine inch cock. You know this because it wouldn't be the first time you have had it inside of you. Jenny's never treated you like much more than a hole to put her cock into. Then again, you've never treated her like much more than a cock to ride so it balances out on the whole.

As you contemplate your answer she caresses your lips through your panties.

"I'm waiting slut," she urges.

Go with Jenny, she can do what ever she wants to you.

Ms. Robinson is waiting for you...

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