On the Forest Planet of Kashyyk with Jedi Master Yoda

From Create Your Own Story

The forest planet of Kashyyk is a beautiful planet, lush with green plants and the tallest trees you've ever seen. The large Wookies that inhabit the planet tower over you and your brothers and like to prove that they are stronger than you by showing off their physical power. You didn't mind it and actually kind of like being inferior to these large furry creatures, it excited you.

You have been ordered to patrol the huts along the beach side tonight, it is suspected that the CIS might be planning an attack on the planet soon and Master Yoda wants to be prepared for the invasion. You grudgingly accepted your duty and went off to one of the huts. You slouched down against the buildings wooden wall and slid down to the rough ground. You scan the the coast and the huts that infest the trees above you before taking your helmet off. You know that it's against the rules to have your helmet off while on duty but you aren't afraid to break the rules now and again. You sit watching the sky and the ocean that spread out before you when you hear the sound of footsteps come from behind you. You quickly grab your blaster rifle but it's quickly thrown to the side by something large. It's too dark to make out what it is. You struggle as it grabs your arms and pushes them to the ground. You feel soft fur graze your face and stop. You make out the shape of a very large and very hairy Wookie in the moon light. It towers over you making you feel small and submissive. Quickly the Wookie flips you over, sand splattering your face, and opens the armor that protects your torso. It lifts it over your head revealing your strong back and arms. Then it quickly undoes your leg armor nearly ripping it off leaving you completely naked. You smile as dirty thoughts enter your mind and your cock begins to harden. The Wookie roars as quietly as he can, you can understand the Wookie language very well and know that he asked, "How do you want to be fucked?" You turn your head up towards the Wookie and smile when you see that his large dark black cock is already hard and fully erect. You say;

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