Meet the Kirks/Masturbate while watching them

From Create Your Own Story

Unable to resist the urge, you quickly whip your cock out and begin stroking it right there while watching your two older siblings have sex. As you begin to stroke faster, you accidentally lean too far forward and crash into the door, causing a loud thud that your siblings surely noticed. You hear Rory say “shit!” under her breath and then there is nothing but silence. Paralyzed in fear, you can’t think. Rory opens the door wearing nothing but a nightgown and Jerry is nowhere in sight, probably hiding in the closet. More importantly, your sister just opened the door to see her little brother jerking off to her! Your cheeks are on fire as you try to gather the words to explain yourself.

“Like what you saw there, Jack?” Rory teases you.

How do you respond?

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