Meet the Kirks/“Yes, as a matter of fact, I did.”

From Create Your Own Story

Gathering your wits, you confidently respond, “yes, I did, Rory.”

She laughs and asks, “well then, are you down to join in or not?”

Knowing the jig is up, Jerry comes into sight from the closet covering his crotch with a teddy bear. “I’m okay with this,” he adds.

“Well, of course.” You say as you walk into the room, closing the door behind you. Wasting no time, Rory quickly grabs your cock in her hand and starts jerking it.

“Looks like you’ve got some competition, Jerry,” Rory teases.

“Bah, whatever, I’ve got a good two inches on him!” He retorts as he comes close to you comparing sizes. “See, look at that, I’m bigger!”

“It’s not the size, Jerry; it’s how you use it.” You reply.

“Maybe you should use mine if you’re such a dick aficionado!” He responds, and you’re not sure if he’s joking or not.

What do you do?

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