Marzia, your 17 yo secret 2nd crush

From Create Your Own Story

You choose to bring Marzia with you, thinking this trip might be a good time to confess her your love.

Marzia is of an indescribable beauty and you love everything about her: her bright blue eyes, her long brown hair, her beautiful curves. You have been having a crush on her since 3 years and you love her infinitely more than Chelsea, your official girlfriend.

You text her the news and she replies yes in immense excitement.

The journey goes all well and you arrive in Singapore very tired but happy. In the first night you both decide to stay in the hotel and sleep.

You wake up the next morning and consult the plans for the trip. It says today you can choose to go in either one of these three locations:

Gardens by the Bay, an immense greenhouse

Singapore Flyer, a huge ferris wheel

Universal Studios Singapore, a theme park

Health Tired but happy Equipment:


MP 0
Level 1

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