Male: Wild silver hair that spikes out in all directions, crimson red eyes, fair skin, 6'3, slightly muscular

From Create Your Own Story

You fall to one knee and feel the cold stone floor through your bare flesh. Some of your silver bangs try to obscure your vision but you blow them out of your way. You hear one of the girls speak.

"We did it! We summoned Demon God of Romance, Dread!"

You look up to see that the three girls hoods pulled back and you were also able to get a good view of them in the candlelight.

There was a young girl with black hair pulled into a ponytail and seemed to be the one who just talked. The girl had a B cup. The girl was also shorter than you by quite a bit.

Then there was another girl who was the tallest of the three. She had long purple hair. Her eyes had a partially cold stare in them. Her bust was small, only a A cup.

Then was another girl, the shortest of them, shorter than you by a foot. She was flat-chested. Her tomboyish yellow hair fell over her face. She had her face turned away with a deep blush in it.

"Dread, here's some clothes for you."

You realize you're naked, but you don't mind. You stand up and yawn.

The raven-haired girl and purple-haired girl's eyes widened when they caught sight of your not-so-little friend.


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