Make a visit to your brother's room down the hall

From Create Your Own Story

You walk down the hall to your brother Steven's room. You hope he'll be sleeping. You want to nick some of his porn movies.

Quietly you tiptoe past his door into the room and make it the dresser. You find one blank cd, scrawled on top of it in the corner is "extreme fuck" perfect you think. But just as you're about to head for the door you see your brother awake and watching you stealing his disk.

"What the fuck man?" He says pulling the disk from your hand. "You're stealing my things?" He whispers, in a deadly voice. He then notices your hard-on and replies, "well, baby brother, you are going to be punished for what you did, you know that?"

You gulp. This was a bad idea. A terrible idea in fact to steal from your scary older brother. "I'm sorry" you mumble. "I just..."

He barely hears you because he had walked over to the room door and bolted it shut.

Now what?

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