LoK look around the arwing for something "more"

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Krystal looks around the small cockpit, placing her hand on the joystick as she looks over her console. She stops as she feels the pulsing of the engines through the joystick, and shivers slightly at the thought racing through her head. Its on auto pilot, so if it moves it wont affect the ship... She slowly places her pussy against the joystick, curious. the pulsations from the engines travels through the joystick and to her clit. she moans, another shiver moving through her body, and eagarly starts positioning herself. She turns around, her ass pressing against the canopy as she slowly slides down onto the pulsating joystick. Her fingers attack her clit furiously as she rocks back and forth on the joystick, her sweet juices sliding down it now. Her body starts to quiver as an orgasm rocks her small frame, her eyes rolling to the back of her head and a scream of pleasure erupting from her lungs. She didnt notice her foot being on the communicator as the pleasure overpowered her.

Fox suddenly hears a scream over the communicator, and is suddenly jerked back into reality. He often fantasizes about Krystal while they are on their way to missions. He looks back and sees she's still following him, so he swings back to check if shes ok. His ship pulls up next to hers just in time to see Krystal slowly sliding off the joystick, wet tendrils going from her pussy lips to it. She sees Fox and blushes like mad, quickly flipping around and sitting in her seat as he comes over the communicator,"I take it everything is ok?" Krystal, her face still flush from Fox finding her in such a... predicament, could still feel a desire inside herself for more. But they still had a mission to follow...

Does she:

Health 100 Equipment:

Krystal's' Staff

MP 0
Level 0
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