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Heart racing, Krystal forces herself to smile back. Liz turns to serve herself, giving Krystal the opportunity to take a deep breath. No sense letting them know anything, she thinks with a glance at Liz. It's probably best to go over what I know before I say or do anything, she ponders. She looks up as Liz joins her at the table. I need time to think. Krystal stares into her soup, fighting revulsion. I suppose there's no hope for it. Besides, not eating would arouse suspicion. Trying to forget what she now knows to be in the delicious mixture, she slowly brings the spoon to her mouth. As the warm, delicious liquid slides down her throat, she returns to her former thoughts. Let's see, it all started with that distress call from Prince, ahem, King Tricky...


Krystal awoke abruptly to the Great Fox's emergency alarms. "All hands report to the bridge immediately," Fox calmly ordered over the intercom. Well, we can't be under attack, or he would have sent us to the hanger, she thought as she fluidly swung out of her bunk and stepped into her flightsuit. Predictably, the zipper of the skintight suit got stuck at the base of her breasts. "I don't have time for this," she muttered as she ran out of the cabin, boobs bouncing wildly. She entered the bridge to find the rest of the team waiting for her. Probably slept in their suits. "Good, everyone's here," Fox said, glancing at Krystal. His eyes widened. "Um, Krystal-" She glanced down to see that her breasts had spilled out while she was running. Blushing, she tucked them back in and began fiddling with the zipper. Fox shook himself and turned back toward the communications system. "We just received this distress call from Sauria." King Tricky's image appeared breathing heavily. "Starfox!" he gasped, "The planet is falling into chaos!" Moans, screams, and heavy impacts echoed in the background. "Gods, it sounds like a battle down there," breathed Krystal. The feed started to break up. "...need help... had no warning... can't fight-" Only static followed. "Do we know who's attacking the planet?" asked Slippy. "That's just it," Peppy responded. As far as federal scanners can tell, no ship has gone anywhere near the planet in quite some time. This leads us to consider an internal conflict." "But who could overpower Tricky's people?" Krystal cut in. "The RedEye are all but extinct, and the SharpClaw are nothing without Scales- not to mention the fact that their numbers were decimated during the last war." "Civil war?" grunted Falco. "Unlikely," ROB droned, "My records show that no species on Sauria has ever gone to war with itself." Falco shrugged. "Times change." "Weren't you listening?" Krystal asked. "Whatever this threat is, it's something they can't fight. Even RedEyes wouldn't be that bad." "Regardless of the cause, we are obligated to investigate. Set course for Sauria immediately," Fox ordered, "Oh, and leave a message for General Pepper. We may have as much trouble sending a message out as Tricky did."

Krystal's thoughts skip ahead to their arrival on the planet, where she and Fox departed to scout ahead. She remembers watching his arwing get knocked out of the sky -I hope he's all right.- before the lizard men landed on her own ship Those males that... attacked me must be the warriors Liz mentioned.

Krystal shifts in her chair and a tingle runs up her spine. What the... Now that she notices, her whole body feels warmer than the soup should account for, and her skin feels electrified. What's happening to me? Trying not to move, she turns her attention back to Liz, who knocks back the last of her bowl. Need. More. Information. she forces herself to focus.

Does she

Location:Liz's Hut

Health Shaken Equipment:

Tribal Armour

MP 0
Conquests 2
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