LoK Open the cockpit to feel the cool wind (topless)

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Krystal reaches forward to hit the canopy release, resulting in a hiss of air as the cockpit depressurizes. Leaning back, she revels in the feeling of the wind rushing over her, blowing her hair back and causing her bared breasts to bounce softly. She shivers in pleasure as the air swirls around her now prominent nipples. The wind also carries with it the sounds and smells of the vast jungle below. Krystal stands in her seat to better view the wonders surrounding her. All around her arwing, a multitude of species swirl and sing an squabble. Krystal opens her mind, letting all their feelings run through her, the joy of flight first among them. A smile plays across her lips, replaced briefly by curiosity as that same strange feeling touches the edges of her mind, closer this time, but still dim. Leaning out of the cockpit, she scans the jungle below, but can make out nothing through the dense canopy.

In the trees below, a large bipedal lizard watches the progress of the two ships, his dull green scales and brown armour providing the perfect camouflage. As Krystal leans out of her cockpit, breasts swinging, he signals another of his species at the base of the trees. This one takes off at a dead sprint, making impressive progress in the dense undergrowth. Easily swinging down from his perch, the first lizard starts off in a different direction with somewhat less urgency. An anticipatory smile splits his fierce visage.

Returning her thoughts to the immediate vicinity, Krystal embraces the emotions of the small creatures: joy, hunger, fear, fury, affection, lust, triumph,... Wait, lust? "Oomph," she grunts as something slams into her right breast. Looking down, she finds a small flying lizard attached to her boob by suction cups on it's feet. "Get. Off." She orders. The little thing merely stares up at her and shifts it's footing. Actually, that feels nice... Get a hold of yourself. Taking a firm hold on the tiny beast, she struggles to pull it off, which only results in further stimulation. Suddenly, the lizards tongue lashes out and flicks her nipple. Krystal freezes. The long tongue lashes out again, and this time wraps around the hard point briefly before sliding off. "Ooooh..." she breaths. Finally giving in, she begins to move the creature around, allowing it's little suckers to manipulate her firm breast, which is probably bigger than it is. The lizard's tongue continues to flick and grasp irregularly, leaving her sighing in pleasure. She moans as a second lizard latches on to her left breast before grabbing it with her other hand and continuing with both. This one is a little more direct and decides to nibble lightly on her tit. Krystal gasps in pleasure and guides the other one to follow suit. Her breaths grow continuously shorter as the lizards maul her tender teats with increasing vigor. So close...

CRACK! Krystal jerks as the lizards detach and join their scattering brethren. "Aww, don't go, please not yet." Frustrated, she searches for the source of the disturbance that so rudely cost her an orgasm. Glancing toward Fox to see if he noticed the display behind him, maybe I can convince him to help me finish-, she watches a large green object crash into the side of his ship before tumbling away. FOX! She screams. The armour seems to have held, and the arwing levels out. More CRACKs split the air, and another green blur smashes off part of the wing. A second manages to land on the remaining wing and stick, sending the fighter spinning out of control and into the trees. 'NOOOooo," cries Krystal. THUNK! Her head snaps back to find that one of the things, now reveled to be a large green two-legged lizards in primitive armour. Cold intelligence gleams in his eyes. CLUNK! Another of the brutes lands opposite the first. The arwing's engines strain under the added weight. Reaching down, they each open a crotch plate in their armour, allowing their massive, hard cocks to spring free. Krystal stares in shock. Each one is as long as her forearm, bigger around, and covered in small bumps. Taking advantage of her stunned state, the closer lizard grabs her with its huge clawed hand. Realizing what they intend, she snaps out of it and squirms violently. A part of her, however, is still hot and horny from her unfinished session with the smaller lizards, and intrigued by the shear size of the creatures. Imagine what those bumps must feel like... What am I thinking? They'll tear me apart! The beast holding her decides to examine his prize, sliding his free hand up from her waist. The scaled hand settles on her breast and squeezes. Krystal groans in spite of herself, and her struggles slow as he continues his rough treatment. "Nooo..." I shouldn't be enjoying this. The creature growls something that sounds like 'soft' at his partner, and Krystal's resolve wavers as it moves to feel her other breast. Then one of the monsters flicks her nipple with his sharp claw, eliciting a gasp of pleasure. Her struggles cease completely when he decides to pinch the hard point. Apparently losing patience with his experimentation, he abruptly grabs her head and yanks it sideways before thrusting his member into her mouth. "MMGPH!" she grunts in surprise as her jaw is stretched to its limit. He only manages to get the head into her tight throat, but frantically continues to try and ram the rest in. Krystal gasps for air, a task made even more difficult by the second lizard man's continued mashing of her breast. Oddly, the strong flavour has a strange appeal, giving her the desire to actually assist her captor, against her better judgement. Experimentally, she swirls her tongue around the meat filling her mouth. Its owner grunts in approval and fluid begins to trick from his cock. Mmm, not bad. The desire builds as she continues licking, and the warrior thrusts even harder, forcing himself a bit further down her throat. Realizing that his friend is being left out, she rolls her eyes to see him slowly jerking his dick. She reaches out and takes a firm grip on it. Gods, I can barely reach halfway around! The lizard seems undisturbed by this as he roughly guides her hand along his length. Returning her attention to her mouth, she forces herself to swallow the built up saliva and precum, unintentionally allowing her assaulter to push into her throat. Gagging, she grabs desperately for the dick in her mouth, but that only spurs the beast on- and leaves the other unsatisfied. As she struggles for air, he grabs her boobs painfully, hauling her body around to place his cock between them, with the side affect of lining up her mouth and throat perfectly. Crushing her boobs around his huge member, he thrusts violently, intent on climax. Krystal somehow finds pleasure amidst the pain, which combined with the aphrodisiac pumping into her system slowly relaxes her, as her orgasm builds once more. The lizard in her mouth explodes without warning, far more cum than she can handle gushing out and over flowing to coat her face and hair. He finally pulls his softening member from her throat as she gulps in air. She looks down at the other one just in time to take another blast to the face before he pulls back and sprays all over her tits and stomach, leaving very little blue visible above her slim waist. "Not again," she moans, left unsatisfied once again.

Then she notices something far more important as the arwing begins to lose altitude. When the second beast repositioned to shower her, he crushed the control panel. Both lizards leap clear as Krystal struggles with the mangled joystick. She looks up just in time to brace as the ship crashes through a wall of green. She feels herself thrown through the air before blackness hits.

Does she:

Health #100 Equipment:

Flightsuit, Krystal's Staff

MP 0
Level 0
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