LoK Give in to the heat and strip naked.

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Krystal kept trying, to no avail, to concentrate and pay attention to her surroundings, despite the mounting heat both within her cockpit and deep inside her. After two loops through the same area without being able to concentrate properly on her readouts, she sighed and admitted defeat. Slowly, relishing the feeling of relatively cool air of her fur, she stripped out of her tight flightsuit, leaving it discarded on the seat beneath her. She sighed and ran her hands over her sweaty body, slowly transferring into sensual rubbing. She briefly fondled her breasts before her hands moved down, almost of their own accord. She shook her head and kept flying, more easily paying attention to her monitors now.

The extra concentration didn't last long, however, as the schoolgirl naughtiness of her nudity made her blush and giggle, thinking of what fox would think if he could see her now, his expression as he realized just what he was missing as he beheld her nude and covered in sweat, spread out in her tiny cockpit, ready and eager for a male, any male, to spread open her legs and take her...

Now where had that thought come from? She smiled to herself, idly pinching one erect nipple with her free hand. More and more after the last few weeks she'd been thinking about male companionship, or rather the lack thereof in her life. She'd been trying to suppress her libido ever since her breakup and she'd been failing across the board, tempted to put out an offer for a one night stand on some hookup site just to have a halfway decent male drill her, but she'd been too timid to make the jump. Funny how that was.

Instead, she'd been trying to meditate her arousal away, which only succeeded in reducing it for a time. Truth be told, she'd always been an amorous girl, and she'd been holding back her appetites through willpower for a long, long time. It would be nice to finally relax into the arms of an aggressive male, and sate the deep, maddening heat inside her. Idly, she thought of Fox... No, not Fox. Fox was history. Wolf, with his bad-boy demeanor and scars? No, too much of an asshole... It was almost hilarious, she thought, that her list of males to fantasize about getting a good screwing from was as short as the list of males he could get a real screwing from. Suddenly, she broke out in a grin, as she settled on an imaginary partner that would do the trick. Huge, strong, masculine, aggressive, wrapping thick green arms around her as she surrendered and spread her legs to receive what would inevitably be a truly monstrous cock...

The Sharpclaw Warrior, everything her carnal desires wanted in a male and deliciously taboo. Why limit herself to just one, though? Blushing, she imagined being held down by a mob of unruly warriors, raising her ass to the air and presenting her femininity to the monsters that would so shortly destroy every orifice her poor body had, perhaps captured and reduced to a pleasure slave, little more than a living fuck doll whose only purpose was to present warm, tight holes to any male who desired a quick fuck. And if she just happened to love every second of her violation...

Fuck it. Double-checking her autopilot, she reclined her seat back as far as it would go and slid her fingers down to her wet slit, ever so slightly rubbing against her most delicate erogenous zone, images of her small, lithe form being buried beneath mountains of green muscle filling her head. Too, on the edges, an old girlish dream began to resurface, of finding another female to "experiment" with, finally a partner to help her explore the forbidden female form... But what she really needed now was a good dicking. Shameful visions of sultry nights with smiling females and the gentle rub of soft fur on fur stayed on the sidelines of her central fantasy of a particularly huge, hulking warrior taking her ass for the first time, her screams transforming into moans as the massive cock, lubed with cum and pussy juice leaking from her ravaged womanhood, slowly broke in her tailhole to fit his massive girth. She had to admit that both fantasies had most likely been lurking in the back of her mind for a long time, and had only surfaced in the damnable sauna that was her Arwing.

Sliding two fingers into her wet pussy, as her imaginary captors subjected her to sexual torture and degradation that she never would have admitted to wanting to be subjected to in a normal frame of mind, she failed to notice her Arwing circling dangerously low around a range of jagged hills, or the predatory feeling of a number of intelligent minds focusing on her with ill intent, tinged with a deeper, more primal desire. Lost in world of forced penetration and truly excessive showers of cum, she neared climax, fingers sliding faster along her most sensitive places as she imagined her will finally breaking, the constant force-fucking destroying her resolve and will to escape. Turned on just as much by the taboo of fantasizing about being raped into a willing little sex slave as she was by the sexual imagery, she felt the deep, demanding heat within her consume her mind and body as she neared a truly magnificent orgasm, focusing on an image of herself, broken and covered in Sharpclaw seed, cum running like a river from her ass and pussy as she spread her ass cheeks with her delicate hands for the first male of round two to fill her...

Only to be yanked from her inner world by a pair of heavy impacts on her Arwing, three fingers lick with her own lubricant emerging from between her legs as she suppressed a frustrated groan at the denied climax, distant eyes re-focusing on her surroundings.

Clinging to her cockpit and looking momentarily unsure of what they'd just done, were two hulking Sharpclaw warriors. Krystal blinked in confusion, at least partially sure that she was just seeing after-images from her fantasy. When they shook off the vertigo of hanging on a small craft far, far above the ground and started advancing on her, that doubt vanished. She reached for her holster, before realizing that it was in the suit underneath her. Cursing, she did her best to dis-entangle her sidearm as the warriors hooked their claws underneath the cockpit and pried it open with a groan of tortured metal. The predators leered in at her, and she caught sight of the obvious erections barely concealed within their loincloths. They were massive, bigger by far than anything in her depraved fantasies of a moment ago, even the barely-altered expy of General Scales that she'd pictured grabbing her by the tail and rhythmically raising and lowering her mouth around his cock in an ultimate display of his dominance and her eager, total submission...

It occurred to her that, in a way, she deserved to be pinned and violated by these creatures. She'd been fantasizing about being broken down into a whore for monsters while on the job, and because she was careless the universe was quite literally going to shove her indiscretion down her throat. Probably in a few other holes too, she thought as she stared at the bulging males, finding it hard to think about anything beyond how wet she was, how ready to lift her tail and present her rear to the huge, strong warrior so intent on claiming her...

The leering Sharpclaw reached in and grabbed the back of her head and began drawing it down onto his cock, claws digging painfully into her fur. That snapped her awake. If he'd only pressed her down gently, but firmly and irresistibly, onto his penis, she would have reluctantly opened her jaws and begun fellating him as her body grew ever hotter and more ready to receive a good, hard cock between her damp thighs. Because he had to twist his claws in the nape of her neck, however, a hotter spark of anger and indignation took hold, and he found himself staring into the barrel of a gun. Briefly.

The warrior slid off her cockpit, penis waving an obscene farewell as he plummeted to the jungle below. His companion snarled and pinned her arm against her control panel, before her other hand brought up a survival knife to stab through his wrist. Pistol freed, she added two neat holes to his chest before he, too, fell away into the air.

Victorious, she groaned in frustration at the universe teasing her with lustful monsters only to have them, once again, act like total bastards. As the low mountain peak ripped through the patched hull beneath her Arwing, she wondered if she was ever going to catch a break.

With no time to try and course correct, she scrambled to buckle her emergency harness as her Arwing hit tree in a bewildering rush of green trees and red-tinged impacts. She finally came to rest in the shade of a large tree, head swimming, and made one vain attempt to close her cockpit before leaning back and accepting unconsciousness into her, a sad substitute for something more satisfying.

After some time, she was vaguely aware of movement, and a powerful musky smell that invaded her nostrils and awakened her body, reminding her of sex and masculinity for reasons she could not recall. A smaller voice warned against danger, but her lust crushed it, and she summoned enough strength to raise her ass in the air a bit, swishing her tail invitingly above her perfect, firm rear and tight, dripping pussy. When this failed to elicit a response, she gave up on it and collapsed back into blackness.

What does Krystal Do?

Location:Krystal's Arwing (Flying)

Health Uncomfortably Warm Equipment:

Flightsuit, Sidearm, Survival knife

MP 0
Conquests 0

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