Kiss and suckle Kiri's breasts for a few minutes to warm her up

From Create Your Own Story

Seeing her breasts you can't control yourself and grab them in your hands and start to fondle them.

" What the hell do you think you are doing? I said to lick my pussy to orgasm. Obviously you don't want to obey me so get out." Kiri says before grabbing your clothes and throwing them out her window.

You ignore her and move to start suckling her nipples. She responds by kicking you in the groin making you go into fetal position.

"No you don't. Because you won't get out I'll take care of you myself." Kiri says grabbing one of your wrists and shackling it to the top of her bed before doing it with the other and your ankles making you spread eagle.

You try to break free of the shackles but as they are police grade cuffs you cannot break free.

"Oh don't even try I know about your bet with your friends and I am in on it for a few hundred dollars. I am going to call a few people up to come over here." Kiri says smirking at your look of terror.

She calls: Some of her girl friends

Your friends who you are on the bet with

Professional Whores to teach you how to be one

The police( Sex School)

A sex slaver

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