Just join the redheads under the shower spray

From Create Your Own Story

You step under the spray and the two redheads rub their wet bodies against you. Wet breasts rub against your back and identical wet breasts press against your front.

"I think his dick is getting bigger!" Liz says.

Or maybe it's Beth. You can't really tell them apart.

"Let's see how big we can make it!" the other girl says.

She takes the soap and lathers up your dick. The two girls work together, four hot little hands sliding up and down your slippery shaft. Your balls ache and you want to pull your dick away, but it also feels so good...

"Come and squirt!" Beth says.

"Yeah!" Liz says. "We want to see you squirt!"

You can't hold back. You're going to squirt whether you want to or not.

Do you squirt:

Health Horny Location:

The Gym

MP 0
Level 2
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