It's Not Hard to Fail, It's Not Easy to Win

From Create Your Own Story

Your eyes flutter open as air rushes into your lungs. Your vision is so blurred at first that your surroundings are unrecognizable, mere smears of white and grey that seem to swirl around you. With a groan you close your eyes tightly and the spinning sensation slows. After a long moment you squint against the brightness of the space and begin to look around.

You’re lying on your side, wrapped only in a clean white sheet, upon what seems to be a metallic table. You recognize the faint smell of antiseptic and the barely-audible hum of fluorescent lighting. Clutching a handful of the sheet tightly around your chest, you swing your feet over the side and sit up. The surface of the table top is cold against your thigh as you slide off. As your feet meet the tile below, you feel yourself start to slip across the slick surface and barely manage to regain your balance in time.

Bewildered, you realize the only color in the otherwise white and metallic room is beneath you. A puddle of deep crimson lies pooled beside the strange table, now smeared across the otherwise spotless tile by your bare feet.

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