Invisible/Guy: Myrtle is happy. Go find someone else to pleasure

From Create Your Own Story

You give Myrtle one last kiss. "Don't worry too much about it. And you're a very beautiful girl -- smile."

Myrtle does smile. A sexy one. "Okay." She starts slowly pulling her clothes back on. You depart the room and once again stalk the halls.

Class is still in session, so there's no one else there. You stick your head outside one of the exit doors. There's a stoner girl, Lauretta, leaning against the side of the building with a joint in her hand. She looks like she's dead to the world. Her slight frame and long, stringy brown hair are negatives but she has a decent chest.

Looking the other direction, you see a Goth girl you identify as Amelia. She's dressed in all black, as usual, and she is sitting on the ground with her back to the building. She's not as thickly built as Myrtle but she's got some flesh on her frame. Her chest isn't large and she's got her usual scowl on her face, but she's still cute. Her hair is naturally blonde but in keeping with her Goth looks, she's dyed it pitch-black. It's flowing down to her shoulders.

You slip through the door as silently as an owl gliding in for a kill and select your prey.

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