Hold still and let Toria continue to grind against you

From Create Your Own Story

You like being held by Toria. You press back against her and rub your butt against her stiff pole.

Toria gets the hint, and eases her way inside you. Her hand wraps around your rod, and she begins stroking and fucking you, using the same rhythm for both.

"That feels wonderful," you murmur. Toria kisses your neck.

"Glad you like, Brandon. You feel amazing."

Toria fills your bum and empties your balls, as you cum at the same time she does. She pumps every last drop of sperm out of your cock before pulling out.

The two of you shower and dress, and Toria walks you back to your house. Val, Jessica and Vincent are there to greet the two of you.

"Are you inviting me in for dinner?" Toria whispers.

You are possessing:
12th Grade Boy
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