Hand him the weapon. You know the plan. Hesitating now could throw off everything.

From Create Your Own Story

You guide handle of the 12 foot long oak lance into the old mercenary's hand, and turn your back on the last five years of your life. As you turn, your hand catches the short dagger on the Red Lance's belt, unsheathing it in one fluid motion and palm it discretely. The opposing knight is Prince Nhero himself. Some of Nhero's dissenters had voiced that he had actually bribed the Red Lance to fight his way up the tourney only to lose to the 'Benevolent' Prince. It didn't affect the odds for gamblers - 10:1, the Prince unhorses the Red Lance. No out-of-work mercenary would dare topple the Prince. Nhero raises his lance to signify the start of the joust. Your old friend, the legendary mercenary of Southcliffe, raises his lance. It is red as the blood that used to run down it so many years ago. The cheers of the crowd are deafening.

And they're off. The Red Lance charges down the length of the list in his greased, war-torn armor as if the tail of his horse were ablaze. The knight's silvered armour glistens with each plodding step despite the weeping rainclouds overhead.


The world grows quiet. Slow. You can hear your footsteps in the fresh mud. You know the plan. Hesitating now could throw off everything. You keep moving toward the raised, shaded platform where Nhero's beautiful bride to be sits. There, under the canopy of purple and blue livery of the Benevolent Prince's colors, you could finally see her. She was beautiful. Everything you imagined for years. Your rightful queen. You had been avoiding facing toward her for fear she may notice something out of place. It's no matter now. The plan is underway. Elena's eyes are on the two knights. The people around the list rise to their feet.

A guard steps forward in the same stalled tempo as the rest of the world. There is a clatter, snap and crash behind you. The world rushes back to speed as the crowd erupts with cheers! The dagger you pulled from the Red Lance's belt is now buried into the neck of a guard. Exhale.

In the chaos, it seems like no one has taken notice - not even the other guards.

Push the guard back towards the canopy. You need to get to Elena.

Turn back and see what happened with the joust.

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