Female Relative in, Fictional Sex Surrogate out!

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Author's note:

Hello, friends!

This is intended to be a fun story in which your character's mom and sister volunteer to be transformed into fictional characters.

Feel free to contribute, and edit the page of whichever relative you choose to include the transformation options you desire. Also feel free to add more customization choices for a transformation option - even if it's someone else's work. Just don't interfere with the content or structure of anything they've written!

Finally, please take care with your grammar and post-coding. Serious mishandling of either will result in deletion.

All that said, have fun! And don't do anything I wouldn't do.

Your mom and sister have supported your endeavours as a computer genius every step of the way, so they're not at all incredulous when you reveal that you've finally perfected a device that will manifest fictional characters in real life.

There's just one catch; it requires a human host body to work, and if a personality transfer is desired, a human mind to overwrite as well! Even so, your mom and little sister both come to you in private and volunteer to be your first test subjects.

It makes sense. You're in high school, but your sister is younger... And she's bullied a lot for embracing the same nerdy shit that you do. It's only natural that she'd want to escape... Especially if it's into the body of one of her favourite video game heroines!

Your mom has been fairly listless and bored since dad left, living off Uncle George's inheritance and lounging around the house in increasingly pajamalike clothing. She's attractive and sports a generous rack, but she's been playing a lot of games with you and your sister lately... Maybe she just wants a change?

In any case, you sit at your transformation rig wondering who to fetch for your first test... You love them both, but this presents an excellent opportunity to make them yours - permanently.

After all, the options you can select in transforming them are pretty intensive... You can choose whether they retain their minds and memories, or are overwritten with those of the character. You can alter the dimensions and specifications of the body they'll manifest in to your every whim... And you can even toggle their resting arousal level, ensuring that a moment after your mom or sister are transferred, you could have your cock pumping sloppily between their willing lips!

The possibilities are endless... But who should you experiment on first?

Your mom

Your little sister

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