Female: Long silver hair, crimson red eyes, fair skin, 5'8, slender and only partly developed

From Create Your Own Story

You fall to one knee and feel the cold stone floor through your bare flesh. Your silver hair falls down your back. You wrap your arms around yourself and listen to the voices of the three girls.

"We did it! We summoned the Demon Goddess of Romace, Dread!"

You look up to see that the three girls' hoods are pulled back and you get a good view of them in the candlelight.

There is a young girl with black hair pulled into a ponytail who seems to be the one who just spoke. The girl has a slightly bigger bust than you but is otherwise small. The girl is also shorter than you by two inches.

Then there is a taller girl who is just one inch shorter than you. She has long, but not as long as yours, purple hair. Her eyes have a partially cold stare in them. Her bust is only an A cup.

Then there is another girl, the shortest of them at 5'3". She is flat-chested. Her tomboyish yellow hair falls over her face. She has her arms crossed.

The taller girl blushes and looks away from you.

You smile, realizing that you are naked and apparantly found out something about the girl.

"Dread, here's some clothes for you," the larger-busted girl says.

You stand up and yawn.


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