Dress and leave for the sex shop(SLBCJames)

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You quickly put on some pink lingerie then jeans, shirt, sneakers and a jacket before grabbing your car keys, wallet and the list then leave the house. You've passed the shop on numerous occasions but have never ventured inside so you park outside the store but not to close before entering when you take out the list and read it.

  • Ten inch black dildo.
  • Cock cage.
  • Fake breasts.
  • Anal Lubricant.

You read the list again and then start looking for what you need, the lubricant, cock cage and dildo are easy to find and the fake breasts although easy to locate there is an avid collection, and you stand staring looking confused.

"Need an hand Honey?" You jump at the voice and turn to see a woman behind you. "Yes it does seem a daunting choice, I was just as confused my first time."

"I'm just not sure what I'm doing."

"I know it can be very confusing, I recommend buying the most expensive you can afford just because they look more realistic and the same size to fit the lingerie you own, that way you wont damage any of it and you wont have to buy new stuff."

"Thank you." You stammer.

"No problem, I'm Christina by the way."

"Jenna, I mean James."

"Relax your secrets safe with me, you have a nice build you'll look great, some interesting stuff you have there."

"I'm just buying what's on the list I was given."

"Oh, are you owned by a guy or a girl?"

"A guy."

"And he wants you to buy this, why?" Christina says picking up the dildo.

"I think its because its like his own."

"Lucky girl, make sure you use plenty of lube until you get used to his size."

"I'm not sure I want to go through with it though."

"But you're already here buying all this stuff, you're just a little nervous, don't worry I've seen guys and girls taking larger things than this in their ass, my advice is do everything you can to please him with your mouth, after he's cum he's more likely to go slow, but if you don't want to take any chances, take the initiative climb on top and lower yourself onto his cock that way you can control the pace. Okay Honey I've got to go good luck."

She leaves you and wanders of towards the exit you pick up a pair of 34dd breasts, the box claims they are the most realistic feeling and looking money can buy, you pay for your purchases and head back your mind in a turmoil about what to do. You want to get this over with as quickly as possible but a small part of you is now thinking the unthinkable taking Christina's advice will make things a lot easier on you.

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